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Axem Computers first opened its doors just after the turn of the millennium. Its primary focus at the time was to offer PC enthusiasts a place to shop locally – a place to buy parts, get advice and support.

The way people use computing devices has changed much over the last two decades – with the rise of laptops, tablets, gaming consoles and mobile devices – it’s no longer exclusive to home and work computers. The way we shop as changed as well, with large stores closing and more people buying online. Throughout these transitions the core values of Axem have remained unchanged.

We believe in offering honest advice that is focused on your user experience and cost. We don’t upsell or offer additional services, we don’t have quotas to meet - we aim to put our customers first. Because of this Axem enjoys a loyal customer following with 80% of new customers choosing us because we were recommended.



In 2012 Richard took ownership of the business, keeping the existing values of Axem and using his background in computing and networking to expand into on-site work and support for business.  This move has been successful and numerous small and medium-sized businesses now to come Axem for support. Thanks to advances in remote support technology, most problems can be resolved during the initial contact call.

We understand that every minute your IT equipment is not working is costing you money. On the rare occasions that equipment does fail we can offer multiple ways of supporting you, either on-site, over the phone or in store. This way 99% of business equipment failures are resolved the same day.

With a combined experience of over 30 years of resolving computer issues, it’s rare anything gets the better of us.



A Friendly approachable Boss, who enjoys a good joke, While IT is his living and something he enjoys seeing the advances of, other passions can be traced to anything with an engine in it. Sports Cars, 4x4s, Motor Bikes he loves the lot, if it starts he will drive it. Away from Engines and computers Richard is an animal lover with well documented soft spot for Dogs.


A keen computer gamer, with an eye for the upcoming latest and greatest hardware. Mark when not on a computer is a found in the shed tinkering with engines of the two-wheel variety in addition he is a keen Darts player, and marksman, also doting father and grandfather.